Knowing More About the Term Paper

The term paper is something that high school and college students can expect to encounter in their stint at school. Teachers often assign it as a way for students to practice their research skills, exercise their critical analysis skills, and hone their writing.

But because this is something students do not usually do, many have trouble completing the task. If this is you, read on to learn more about the term paper.

What it is

A term paper is a form of research that students usually submit at the end of the term. For college, this is probably at the end of the semester, but for high school students, it could be at the end of the year - although the paper is usually assigned midyear. Because much reading is needed, teachers feel it is a good way for a student to learn more about topics connected to the subject.

Picking a topic

An important part of the term paper is to select the right topic for you. Some teachers require the class to select from a particular list of options, while others let students choose anything within the subject matter. Whether the former or latter, it is always smart to pick something you like as the research and writing process will be more enjoyable if you are interested in your choice. And if you do not like the options given by your teacher, it is still wise to pick the one you think is easiest for you to understand rather than going for something difficult.

Important parts of the term paper

The following are the parts of the term paper.

  • Title page: As part of a formal paper, this mentions your student details, your teacher, and the paper’s submission date.
  • Abstract: This is a summary of the main points of your paper, similar to a brief movie or book review, that informs the reader of what is inside.
  • Introduction: This section presents the context of your paper so that the reader is brought up to speed about the topic you have chosen. The importance of what you will discuss is mentioned here, giving the reader an idea of why the paper was made.
  • Body: This is where the main points are discussed. You should mention the arguments for both sides of the issue so that the reader is fully aware of what is happening. There is also a part where you, as the author, include your views about the topic.
  • Conclusion: This section summarizes the major points mentioned in the body and gives the final thoughts about the issue. There is often a strong call to action so that the reader is spurred to act upon the ideas discovered in the research.
  • Bibliography: This last part of the paper lists down all the references used for the paper - whether cited in the text or not.


The term paper is a tough task that students rarely like. But it can be done if you have the right frame of mind. Don't forget to properly edit your term paper after finishing it or get a professional paper revision help online. Good luck!