Tips for Choosing a Unique and Compelling Term Paper Topic

Choosing the right topic for your term paper may not seem so hard at first. But there are a lot of factors you will need to consider to complete a well-rounded, unique paper that will impress your instructor and boost your grade. We advise that you ask these 5 questions before choosing the right topic for your paper.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Term Paper Topic

  • Does it interest you?
  • You shouldn’t have to write about a topic that you have zero interest in. Even if you have to work within the parameters of a specific subject, you can be creative and unique when choosing the specific focus for your paper. Would you like to learn more about some specific aspect of the subject? Would you like to know more about how to solve a given issue? Brainstorm ideas and choose something that sticks out to you.

  • Will other people find it interesting?
  • Everyone has different interests, but you want your paper topic to be engaging for readers. They need to have a reason to care about your paper, so choose a topic that other people can take information away from and makes them think beyond their usual perspective.

  • Is there enough data on it?
  • The information available for you during your research is vitally important for choosing the right topic. You don’t want to be too specific, otherwise you may not find a lot of support to use in your paper. This isn’t always a bad thing if you’re taking a topic in a new direction, but having enough data and references will ultimately strengthen your paper and set it apart from others.

  • What research questions can you ask?
  • Your topic will need to have a strong, focused thesis statement to cover the type of information you will be discussing throughout your paper. Turning your topic into an interesting question can help refine the research process and add clarity to the direction of your paper.

  • Is it clear and useful?
  • You want to write about a topic that delivers something useful to the reader after they have finished reading it. It should get them thinking about the content you presented and inspire them to contemplate what future research could be done. You don’t want to leave your reader confused or frustrated because your topic didn’t have a clear focus.

When it comes to choosing the right topic for your term paper, don’t rush things. Write down all of the ideas you have and consider what potential information on that topic could be gathered to make a successful and organized paper.